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Highly Customizable solutions for Acute & Ambulatory care

Easy to use, Unified & fully interoperable EHR

Adheres to regional & international standards

GGK Provider Solutions

Designed for physicians with the safety of patients in mind!

GGK provider solutions offer a comprehensive set of clinical, administrative, financial and departmental modules, providing a unified record for each patient and enabling visibility across the care continuum. Apart from improving the effectiveness of the care delivery, the solutions bring down the cost significantly while meeting the regulatory compliance.

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Ambulatory care solution

Fast, easy & intuitive outpatient solution that lets you focus more on care and less on technology!

GGK’s ambulatory care solution is designed to help hospitals and primary care physicians to effectively manage their practice while providing high-quality care to patients. The solution facilitates Registrations, Scheduling, Appointments, Consultations, ICD coding, CPOE and Billing.

The key features of the solution include:

  • Intuitive appointment scheduling
  • Real-time patient records management
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
  • Comprehensive multiple currencies billing
  • SMS and Email Communication
  • Online doctor diary
  • Voice & Video interface
  • Tracks Turnaround Time (TAT) at various servicing units
  • Daily, weekly and monthly report generation
  • Easily configurable patient packages
  • Regulatory Compliance: ICD coding, HL7 standards

Acute care solution

Elevate the quality of secondary care by a seamless integration of hospital services

GGK’s acute care solution is designed to fulfil all the Clinical, Operational and Administrative requirements of the hospitals by integrating Outpatient, Inpatient, Admission, Discharge, Emergency, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Inventory and Financial services.

Key features of the solution include:

  • Streamlines the operations from admissions to discharge and beyond
  • Configurable specialty based clinical templates
  • Enables Insurance & Entitlement coverage for maximizing revenues and reducing rejections
  • Customized patient package solutions
  • Prevention of revenue leakages through multi-level authorization
  • User, role and control based access for data security
  • Platform-driven bespoke model, for varied organization needs
  • Generation of episode wise Electronic Medical Records
  • Enables e-scripting, CPOE & decision support

Physician Portal solution

Physician access to patient information, anytime, anywhere!

The physician portal acts as provider’s primary point of access to a patient’s health record. It presents an easy & intuitive user interface to match the ambulatory care workflow. The clinicians can access their daily schedules, electronically capture the patient medical records, review labs and radiology results, process patient correspondence, and electronically raise service orders.

The key features of the solution include:

  • Access to patient appointments through a Physician Dashboard
  • Drug orders placement through CPOE functionality
  • Raise service orders through e-prescription
  • Access to diagnostic results and medical histories
  • Ability to record allergies and vitals
  • Confidential sharing of doctor notes with other doctors
  • Voice recording and playback for patient visit record
  • Recording of pregnancy and menstrual history
  • Diagnosis backed by ICD -10 coding system
  • Ability to access complete patient history
  • Full integration with Billing, Pharmacy, and other service units

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