Cloud Monitoring

Monitor, Measure and Improve

Cloud Monitoring

Monitor, Measure and Improve

Looking for a partner to monitor proactively and efficiently?

Cloud monitoring is about monitoring, analyzing and reporting on the availability and performance of websites, servers, applications and other cloud infrastructure. Cloud Monitoring is crucial in monitoring the cost, reliability and performance of your cloud infrastructure. Cloud monitoring helps you notice cloud anomalies, detect patterns and identify issues early and proactively.  Cloud monitoring helps you promptly discover the root cause of a problem.

According to a recent research report, the market for cloud monitoring is expected to reach 2000 million US dollars by 2022, needless to say, the cloud monitoring is one of the key points in every CTO list. Monitoring earlier in the life-cycle provides teams with the ability to collaboratively  work, standardize artifacts, optimize performance and availability. Monitoring earlier and more often helps reduce the amount of manual work dedicated to ensure that the application is running as expected and your MTTR more efficient. Metrics and analytics that we derive from monitoring tools help in providing the insights and signals to ensure systems run properly. Key benefits of a good cloud monitoring service includes, faster response time, more time for innovation and better overall performance.

Cloud Monitoring capabilities include:

  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Database monitoring

Talk to us and we can help you understand how we can orchestrate a tailor-made monitoring strategy for your cloud assets.

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