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Do Docker!

If buzzwords are to be believed, Docker is one word which is promising enough to rewrite all the DevOps rulebooks. By definition, Containerization is an operating system level virtualization where several applications are deployed without launching dedicated VM for...

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Verification automation of XML data using XSLT

An easy to implement best practice to automate verification of XML files that saves time, reduces coding effort and supports easy maintenance. In designing applications, you should be using XML as your data transport mechanism because most languages provide a robust...

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RPA: The New Game Changer for Financial Services

The Banking and Financial Services industry has undergone enormous transformation over the last decade. Changing regulations, heightened scrutiny by regulatory bodies, heavy compliance costs, and hefty fines were a few reasons behind that transformation....

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Is Ansible the future of configuration management?

With virtualization on the rise along with cloud computing breakthroughs, the standard On-premise services and infrastructure management has become highly scalable and simple. The need for managing large number of servers within or outside the organization has become the prime focus in recent times. This led to the concepts called data center orchestration and configuration management.

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