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Information Security Activities

Information Security Activities

SECURITY FOR THE AGE OF DIGITAL EVERYTHING Eliminate security blind spots and accelerate innovation, transformation and growth. Outdated security solutions. Sophisticated cyber-threats. Increasing compliance requirements. Faced with these and other security...

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Is Jenkins the best CI/CD tool in the market?

Jenkins is integral to the DevOps world as it is the leading open source tool for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) process. Continuous Integration is a process of building and testing the code whenever the developer pushes the code to source...

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Blockchain Towards Secure Financial Transactions

When Satoshi Nakamoto first created the cryptocurrency Bitcoin in 2008, it was viewed with immense distrust, still is to a considerable extent, with Central Banks and Regulatory agencies remaining sceptical and refusing to adopt it. However, the underlying technology,...

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RegTech Solutions for Effective Compliance

With the economic crisis of 2008, regulatory agencies across the globe realized the loopholes and systemic risks in the financial system. The post Dodd-Frank era, consequently, has been witnessing increased regulatory requests for providing timely, accurate and...

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Data Governance in the Age of Big Data

Organizations are becoming more data intelligent by trying to make as many decisions as possible, at as many levels as possible, based on insights from all the data gathered by different systems. They have a lot of historical data which they want to digitize and...

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