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IT industry has been experiencing a continuous churn during the last few years. Enhanced levels of regulatory compliance, mobility, agile methodologies, software as a service (SaaS), cloud, geographically distributed IT organizations, multi-tier applications targeting multiple devices – all of these constitute a major portion of any organization’s technology strategy today. These factors have made testing a mission-critical, highly complex and time-consuming activity.

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Independent Testing

We follow a strategic approach to perform testing which factors Quality, Predictability and Automation. Our Independent testing services would ensure that your application and products are with great quality and meet customer expectations.

Our methodology is based on industry best practices, processes, tools and superior governance model that help us deliver high quality results. Our Test Excellency Group acts as a back bone to help us generate innovative services quickly and effectively.

Business Benefits

  • Impartial Quality Assessment
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Flexibility
  • Improved time to market

Test Automation

We offer specialized software test automation services using standard Automated Software Quality (ASQ) tools. These testing solutions help organizations reap the benefits of automation at a faster pace and in an effective manner. Our structured approach to automation design and development delivers an integrated framework with re-usable components, libraries and modularity that ensures stability and scalability.

Our expertise

  • Highly capable of defining the automation (generic) frameworks suitable for any projects/modules
  • Proficient in using class mapping techniques to recognize custom objects (like flex, DOJO etc)
  • Capable of writing scripts to cover data base validation tests
  • Automated and scheduled scripts execution process to run tests on build deploy and automated email with sanity reports sent to test leads / manager


Services Offered

  • Assessment
  • Proof of Concept
  • Framework implementation
  • End to End Automation development

Business Benefits

  • Business Agility – Shortened test cycles
  • Improved Efficiencies – Uncovering defects in the early phases of the development cycle
  • Building an Adaptable Test Automation suite
  • Improved Quality with minimal cost


Testing Center of Excellence

GGK’s TCoE framework gives greater visibility into overall quality across software projects there by improving efficiency, optimizing resource/tool utilization and lowering testing costs.

Challenges with the Traditional Decentralized Testing Model:

  • Lack of visibility into application quality across projects, so deployment decisions made on incomplete information
  • Inability to fully control and measure application quality, leading to higher operating costs and delays in delivery schedules
  • Teams want to share and reuse assets and knowledge, but have no tools for it
  • Without consistent processes, it’s next to impossible for organizations to perform regular assessments and identify opportunities for improvement

TCoE Objectives

  • Create an end-to-end quality management infrastructure by providing right tools
  • Provide traceability throughout the SDLC process with all SDLC assets
  • Facilitate consistent and repetitive process by providing a central repository for all SDLC assets
  • Allow teams to access SDLC assets anytime anywhere
  • Support high level of communication and collaboration and IT teams
  • Allow teams to analyze application readiness at any point in the testing process with good reporting capability

TCoE brings you these benefits

  • Quality – TCoE delivers better application software through efficient defect removal strategy leading to better customer experience
  • Faster Time to Market – Effort reduction up to 40% as well as test automation levels of 50-70% through standardized tools and streamlined processes
  • Cost Efficiency – Reusable component repository, defect prevention knowledge and managed services model helps achieve cost efficiencies of 30-40% over a period of time
  • Increased agility – Testing teams can allocate critical resources for the highest priority projects thereby aligning QA efforts tightly with the business priorities
  • Contractual commitments to SLAs

Test Accelerator

Companies are facing lot of challenges in identifying a tool to automate their testing. GGK’s Test Accelerator helps clients accelerate the automation of their functional and regression testing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy Automation: Robust Framework, numerous features and reusable components ensure test automation from day one
  • Faster Time to Market: Test Cases/scripts from multiple application/modules can be executed in parallel on different browser combinations
  • Reusable Components: Automated test cases based on the design of the business processes result in higher reuse of scripts
  • Reliability: The failed test cases are automatically executed multiple times
  • with Commercial Tools: Supports integration with Teamcity, JIRA, MS SQL Server etc

The robust framework that we have designed enables early automation, which helps develop test scripts during the design and development phases of the software development life cycle.

Our solution enables end-to-end test automation of applications spanning multiple technologies. It allows frequent releases of applications by reducing the maintenance effort without compromising on the quality of testing. Further, the solution allows engagement of business users in test automation, while reducing the dependence on highly skilled testing personnel.

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