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Business Intelligence

Transform data into actionable insights.

Our BI services and solutions help transform your organizational data into actionable intelligence that aid in making fact based business decisions. Allow your organization to understand your customers better, respond quicker to dynamic market conditions and ultimately transform into a data-driven enterprise by leveraging our advanced business intelligence services. Our BI offerings include consulting and development services to help clients define their BI strategy and architecture, architect or modernize their data warehouses, data visualization and reporting applications that provide tangible business benefits.

Data Architecture & Design
The data architecture design is the most important determinant of the usefulness and longevity of your data applications. If designed properly, your database can outlive multiple generations of front-end software and will ensure that all of the applications in your enterprise will be served well. Selecting the right storage configuration, virtualization, hardware clustering, operating system and database clustering will determine how well your system satisfies your business requirements. Our experts bring years of experience to develop a robust data architecture that will organize your data in the most effective way to support your current and future applications. Talk to one of our data management experts today to chart your data architecture.

Data Warehouse Modernization
With our deep expertise across data ingestion, migration and transformation technologies, we can accelerate development and deployment of your data warehouse or modernize your current infrastructure for your growing business needs.

  • Database & Tool selections
  • Scalable Data warehouse design
  • Performance tuning & optimization
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Real time & near real time data loads
  • Fail safe and robust disaster recovery

Data Visualization & Reporting
We enable enterprises convert data into strategic assets that help you improve topline and optimizes bottom line. Rapidly analyze complex data to understand your business and your customers well. Leverage our expertise to implement best in class tools for data discovery, dash-boarding and self-service visualization.

  • Design and development of cutting edge visual analysis
  • Interactive dashboards for beautiful visual analysis
  • Standard reports for business-as-usual & regulatory reporting
  • Enable self-service and collaborative data discovery
  • Agile visualization development
  • Visualization for mobile devices
  • Fine tune visualization environment to increase performance

Advanced Analytics

Analyze data with the context of your business and derive actionable insights for smarter decision making. Turn insights into revenue opportunities with our expertise in advanced data science. Leverage innovative techniques like AI modeling, machine learning, and predictive modeling to understand your business requirements and identify opportunities to revenue.

Data Sciences & R
Improve customer retention and increase multi-channel customer acquisition with our data modeling and analytics capabilities. Craft specific solutions to address your unique business challenges. Leverage innovative techniques such as AI modeling, machine learning, robust scenario planning, and predictive modeling to understand your needs, identify risks and opportunities, and recommend actions and potential outcomes.

Machine Learning & NLP
Benefit from our team of expert python programmers to achieve your machine learning or Natural language processing goals. We make it easy to obtain predictions for your application using simple APIs, without having to implement custom prediction generation or manage any infrastructure. Our advanced analytics capabilities help optimize your business needs to helps reduce cost, optimize processes and increase efficiency.

  • Improve customer experiences with actionable insights and analytics
  • Higher efficiency through automation and insights-driven operations
  • Prevention of risk across the business value chain through predictive insights
  • Create new revenue models by enabling enterprises to convert data into strategic assets

Big Data

Building the right infrastructure to turn your data into decisions

We are in the middle of a data-led economy where data is revolutionizing the way we conduct business.  While the data explosion opens up exciting possibilities, the sheer volume of data alone is not sufficient to make smarter business decisions. We need to have the appropriate infrastructure in place to process BigData in meaningful ways for a deeper understanding. We help some of the world leading organizations in setting up their BigData ecosystem as per their business needs. We advise and implement cost effective Big Data solutions to extract unprecedented value from your data. Partner with us to make data your strategic asset.

Big Data Architecture & Strategy

  • Team with years of experience in providing End to End Big data solutions
  • Deeper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the Big data solutions & services

Big Data Implementation

  • Hands on experience with most of the Hadoop ecosystem services
  • Worked on clusters which range from 4-60 nodes with data size ranging from GB to tens of TB’s
  • Worked with different data ingestions sources – Real-time streaming, File Storage & IOT devices.
  • Expertise in Performance Tuning Hive, Pig & Presto Jobs

Big Data Managed Services

  • Cluster Configuration, Setup & Maintenance
  • Cloud – On Demand clusters
  • Upgrading & Patching
  • Security configuration – Kerberos / LDAP etc.

Partner with us to explore possibilities around Big Data.

  • Identify customer trends and patterns
  • Predict customer service/product usage and recommend cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Predict product adoption across various channels and geographies
  • Effective marketing and inventory management
  • Faster time to market and lower inventory costs
  • Identify product quality issues and provide proactive and preventive maintenance
  • Cost effective improvement of customer satisfaction
Business Intelligence
Advanced Analytics
Big Data

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